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FTC (First Tec Challenge) is the robotics competition for grades 9 – 12. It involves building a robot using the LEGO NXT brain brick and the metal Tetrix pieces. Teams are also allowed to use amounts of plexiglass, plastic and sheet metal to create self designed parts of the robots.

FTC is a step up from  FLL (First Lego League), which is for grades 4 – 8. Our team, the Coastal Quarks, is currently involved with FTC and is building a robot for this years challenge; Get Over It.

Each year there is a different challenge for your robot to complete. It usually involves your robot picking up objects (like balls) and moving them into scoring positions. You do this by programming your robot on the computer using either robotC or LabView. You then use Bluetooth and video game controllers to move your robot around from range.