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The HotShot Game

HotShot is the FTC Challenge for this year. It is played by four teams on a 12’ by 12’ square field. These four teams are divided into two alliances; the red alliance, and the blue alliance. These two alliances play against each other to see who can score the most amounts of points by putting whiffle balls into the correct goals.

There are three kinds of goals that the robot can score in. The off field goal (10 points per ball), the high goal (5 points per ball), and the low goal (1 point per ball). However, your robot must put the balls into the goal(s) of your alliance’s color, otherwise, the other team gets the points.

There are two other factors to the match - the autonomous period and the 4 bonus balls. The autonomous period is the thirty-second period at the beginning of the match in which the robot is controlled by a pre-made program, not remote control. Any balls scored during this time are counted twice; once during autonomous mode and again at the end of the match.  The bonus balls are special balls that are released during the last thirty seconds of the match. They double the score of all the balls in the goal they are placed.