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This was our home page durring the summer when we were working on the moonbots challenge. Also, be sure to check out the moonbots programming page, robot design page, and video page. Also, be sure to check out the moonbots website!


We, the Coastal Quarks, are a new team of 13 – 16 year old kids who get together and build and program robots for FTC (First Tech Challenge) and other robotics challenges. Our team is made up of five people; Nadya, age 13; Kirk, age 15; Brennan, age 16; Noa, age 14; and Ciara age 14. Noa and Kirk go to regular schools, but Ciara, Nadya and Brennan home school.

Although our main focus is FTC, our current challenge is Moonbots, a Google and LEGO funded robotics competition. It is a completely web based challenge, with even the competition itself held over webcam! We have been fortunate enough to have been approved for the finals, and are currently posting video updates on our blog, www.coastalquarks.blogspot.com. Be sure to check it, along with www.moonbots.org, out!

Also, we have a new team picture!